"There must be other au pairs around in this country. But where do they hang out in their free time?"
When packing your bags to travel and work as an au pair in another country, the question above is bound to pop up in your mind. Granted, finding your way and making friends abroad can be a challenge sometimes. Although social media channels, online communities and Skype enable you to stay in touch with family and friends at home, nothing beats interaction with people present in person.
So how do you get in touch with fellow au pairs? We have come up with the perfect solution: the AuPairsAround app, available on iOS and Android devices. Thanks to this sophisticated app, you can get around quickly and easily get in touch with au pairs in your area. Wouldn’t it be great to meet, hang out at favourite hotspots, have drinks or dinner, check out upcoming local artists and immerse yourself in the cultural scene?
Download the AuPairsAround app and signup today. Find out how easy it is to get to know other au pairs, review their profiles and let them know you are out there too! This app is a great way to establish new friendships and share hopes, dreams and experiences. With AuPairsAround, you will never feel lonely again!
Available through Apple’s App Store and Google Play.